What to pack…

This trip has presented itself in a slightly different manner to previous jaunts abroad. Currently, I live on my own in a 2 bedroom rental property, and my lease was due mid January which is about when I’ll be arriving back home on New Zealand soil. So, rather than wasting money on rent and household bills for an empty property for the convenience of being able to ‘come home’ and then have to either extend my lease or move elsewhere, I decided that it’s a far better option to move out and put everything in storage while I’m away. Which means that I save a reasonable chunk of cash, however it also means that I have to pack up a 2 bedroom house worth of stuff almost a week before I head off and will have ‘nowhere’ to ‘come home’ to.

So rather than opening up an empty suitcase or backpack the night before I head away, I’m in theory creating piles of what to pack for my trip and what to throw into storage, then another pile to the side for work clothes that I’ll need when I get home but wont have accessed storage yet. It seems that this process is missing the usual rush of excitement that comes with stuffing a bag the night before a trip.

I’ve had about 5 hours available to me this evening to sort out packing up my house… instead I’ve spent probably 17 minutes actually packing. However, I have stumbled across another fantastic Nigerian singer, spent 2 hours chatting to my Mum and wasted countless minutes thinking about how much I don’t feel like packing right now.

Anyhoo, soon enough I will be going through everything I own and making the decision: what to pack? I’ll be away for a month in countries whose climate are considerably warmer than mine. Whose dress sense are more conservative than my own. Also, I am not rich with a fetish for fashion, so have no desire to overstuff my knee high suitcase with not so versatile ensembles. But… I don’t want to be caught out in any situation with nothing to wear.

I’m a girlie girl, but will leave any dresses deemed ‘short’ behind. Will also leave any piece of clothing that belongs in the corporate world behind. But, am mindful that I will be speaking at a Toastmasters meeting in Dubai and will require a Muslim friendly outfit.

The things that I just can’t do without in my suitcase are:

A sleeping sack – I’m so incredibly scared of cockroaches and bed bugs. I think of my sleeping sack as part of my insurance policy.

Snaplock bags – you know those bags that you pack a sandwich in for your lunch? Might seem a bit naff, but those things are fantastic. I take a selection of different sizes to protect electronics, wrap up non trustworthy bottles of liquid, it’s also nice to have a snaplock bag to stuff dirty clothes so that they don’t contaminate everything else in your pack.

Anti basterial wipes – I’m not that big on using these when I’m at home, but to be fair I am from New Zealand and we’re pretty strict when it comes to food safety and general cleanliness when out and about. They’re just handy to have in your pack.

Ear plugs – I will be staying in a dorm in Sri Lanka and Singapore and I really don’t want to be surrounded by chainsaws on heat. A definite must have item when backpacking

Door stop – For the rest of my trip I will be staying in average quality hotels on my own and I don’t always feel safe. Having a doorstop to jam under the door before I go to sleep at night, just gives me some peace of mind.

So many pairs of underwear – I can wear a dress more than once before washes if I have to, but I need to have underwear options. It’s more than just cleanliness, you never know who you might meet… and a girl needs options. Just saying.

As for the rest, I tend to take a throw it in and hope it fits kind of approach. This trip will be no different.

6 more sleeps!

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