Just 3 more sleeps :D

Not long now til I take off on my next adventure. But, as always, there are still plenty of things to do before I escape. Spending time with family has been lovely. Taking time out in small time New Zealand is a fabulous reminder of the blessed land I was born into. Especially with so many lambs about 🙂

Beyond packing my bags, moving out of my house, spending time with the family is the balance I must achieve with my corporate and university life. Tomorrow I will spend the day at university for a full day Financial Management course before meeting up with other family members for dinner. The following day is my last day at the office before I head off. All the while having nowhere to officially call home.

In light of all of this, the nerves are yet to set in.  Life just feels like business as usual with a suitcase in tow. There are only 3 more sleeps, however it doesn’t quite feel real yet. Even with a stack of printer paper featuring all flight information and insurance docs.

Soon I will go back through my suitcase for possibly the 14th time and make 100% sure that I have selected the right clothes and travel essentials. I’m only gone for a month, yet I feel like I have too many things squished into my knee high suitcase. This process will no doubt be injected with texts from a certain someone who is coming to terms with the fact that I’m about to leave in his own way.

More ramblings this evening, my mind is a bit scattered as I turn my life upside down, create a cacophony of chaos and prioritize my dreams over conformity. But I swear, it is all worth it.

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