Kuta day 2

Waking up with a smile, I was determined to make today a better day than yesterday. And for me, that means getting out of the township and finding somewhere naturally beautiful. Somewhere that I can hear myself think without being pestered to take a taxi or buy some souvenir that I have no interest in.

So, I chatted to a driver and agreed upon Uluwatu. Home to stunning views featuring temples, large intrusive cliffs, azure seas and families of monkeys. We ventured out of town just in time before the streets closed for a ceremony. Once we arrived, I ditched my driver and waved off offers for a guide and wandered.

The bush in Uluwatu is clean and fragrant. The shades of green so bright against the summer skies and at last I feel at peace to go at my own pace and explore without interruption.

The temples are ornate in structure and neatly adorned with the days offering to the gods. It’s not long before I spot a small family of monkeys feasting on fresh fruit. They seem more interested in their food than in me and my mind is put at rest after receiving plenty of warnings earlier to ‘be careful the monkeys’.

Meandering along the various paths at Uluwatu my eyes are feasting upon the clear blue seas that remind me of home. Im grateful for a blue skied day as I wander through each of the temples.

One our way back to Kuta we stop off at a Luwak coffee plantation where the Luwak eats the arabica berries, digests them and their poo is collected, cleaned, roasted and ground to make coffee. My driver and I make our way through the 12 part tea tasting session before finishing with a cup of Luwak coffee. The fact that im drinking weasel poo from a cup isn’t far from my mind, but when in rome right?

Once ‘home’ I venture out in search of food. Frog legs in a garlic sauce is my pick for the day 🙂

As the day progresses I settle back into that easy comfort of being a solo traveller that I seemed to lack yesterday. As I wander the streets of Kuta, I find the perfect way to fill in a couple of hours! Traditional Balinese massage and facial 😀 Total bliss!! And this time I didn’t fall into any traps that result in me getting totally ripped off.

I’m so glad to be rid of my funk from the day before. What a beautiful day  🙂

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