Kuta to Ubud

After very little sleep last night thanks to the super loud clubs in the neighbourhood (ugh when did I get so old??), I packed my bags this morning in favour of Ubud.

I board an oversized van where I meet a friendly Spanish traveller. The trip seemed to go by so quickly as we chatted and laughed about the world and everything in it. Once I arrived, I immediately felt at home. I’m staying at Villa Mandi which is pleasantly situated in the middle of nowhere, next to a rice paddy field (or at least I think that’s what it is)

The surroundings can only be described as tranquil and I have just taken my first hot shower since I left New Zealand… wow! I feel like a million bucks!! The fields are lush, the trees bearing fruit, even the neighbourhood dogs look pretty chilled. I feel so relaxed in my suite that features a beautiful bath tub and my bed decorated with frangipani flowers and a neatly arranged towel in the shape of a flower. Whilst this sounds like I’m blowing the budget here, please note that I have an accommodation budget of $25 NZD per night for this trip.

After a swim in the pool, and a long hot shower I’ve found my way into the township. As mentioned in a previous post, unfortunately I accidentally left my laptop cable back in New Zealand so I only have internet access from y phone which doesn’t allow me to update this site. So I have come in search of internet and a decent feed. Perhaps a bottle of Bintang to wash it down while I’m at it.

Tonight I have no real plans other than to take advantage of that beautiful tub and indulge in a few at home spa treatments which is another thing I do in every country I visit. I haven’t seen the sheep placenta face masks like I tried in Thailand, but I did manage to get hold of the mixture to create a milk bath. Might have to take the frangipani flowers from my bed and add them too. I might be a budget traveller, but I have needs! Luxurious needs!

Tomorrow I’m off to cooking school. Will update with a recipe when I’m back at an internet cafe 🙂

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