Ubud, Bali

I wasn’t sure what to do today so I ventured into town for coffee and sat at the Ubud Water Palace admiring the view with my favourite Nigerian beats pouring through my headphones in attempt to muster up some inspiration. No decisions came to mind as I slurped the last of my coffee so I head to the internet cafe.

I’m there all of 5 minutes when I see a large rat scamper across the room and the PC I’m has decided to play it’s own games which prevent me from updating my blog and facebook page. I take this as a hint and leave.

I see a sign for a day spa and book myself in for a massage and body scrub. In total this takes up about 2 hours and as im lying there covered in a clay like goop I figure that I should visit the Ubud Monkey forest at least.

I hire a driver for a couple of hours and wander through the monkey forest. I can’t get enough of these little creatures. I buy a bunch of overpriced bananas and hand them out. 1 monkey decides to gnaw at the bottom of my dress which I can’t decide if that’s adorable or disgusting.

After the monkey forest I head to the supermarket to purchase some drinks for tonight. Since it’s my last night in Ubud, I’m hopeful that my Dutch neighbours will be keen to have a few drinks.

I manage to squeeze in some study before the neighbours return from dinner and we get stuck into the vodka and weird tasting mixers. And there we sit, beneath the Indonesian skies drinking, talking and laughing until the wee hours.

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