Ubud – Kuta, Last night in Bali

I catch the bus back to Kuta where I meet a rather judgmental and ignorant English woman travelling with her child. After turning her nose up at my travel plans and declaring her hatred for most parts of the world, she seemed bewildered when I politely put my headphones on and ignored her for the rest of the trip. I love meeting new people, bit ignorance is not a quality I admire or wish to share.

I arrive back in Legian where I realise that my eftpos card, some cash and a pack of cigarettes are missing from my bag. The lock on my door at the hotel in Ubud didnt work but I didnt think anything of it as my instincts told me that it didnt matter. I try calling my bank in NZ but run out of phone credit as I’m sitting on hold. Surprisingly, this event doesnt phase me much as I get online and find out that the processing time from my bank account to my travel card is instantaneous and my travel cards are safely tucked away and untouched. I send a message to the bank to cancel my card, transfer some funds to my travel card and head off to the beach for the afternoon.

As the sun threatens to singe my skin, I take this as my queue to head back to my hotel. I take some time out in the pool and think about how I’d like to spend my last night in Bali.

After drying off and squeezing in a little more study, I venture off in search of a massage and a manicure, a fabulous dinner with live music and a couple of drinks at the Underground bar.

I manage very little sleep and am already awake when my alarm starts blaring obnoxiously. I attempt to check out but there’s no one around so I just leave my key next to 3 others on the counter and venture off in search of a taxi.

Currently I’m mid flight to Singapore where I’ll be for a night before heading to Dubai. While in Singapore I will visit the Mustafa Centre to buy a hijab and then head to the Gardens by the Bay.

Singapore was the first country in Asia that I ever visited and marked the beginning of my first ‘proper’ solo travel adventure 3 years ago. I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s changed and the familiarity of this city.

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