Singapore for a night

I brave Backpacker life for a night while I’m in Singapore, due to my strict budget. I opt for pod style digs because whilst it is a bit like sleeping in a live morgue, it is at least more private with your own power point as apposed to the regular dorm style accommodation.

From the moment I arrive, it rains. And not like the rain we have at home, that thick heavy hard rain that had you saturated within seconds. Ah Asian rain, I forgot about you.

Reality is, the only reason I’m in Singapore is because it was my cheapest way into Dubai. So, my travel plans here are very limited. In fact, I have 2 things on my agenda. 1. Visit Gardens by the Bay. 2. Buy a hijab.

Thanks to the weather, I’m warned off the gardens. And settle for spending my free afternoon in search of a hijab at the Mustafa Centre.

The Mustafa Centre is quite an experience unto itself. It’s a smallish mall by Singapore standards, but it houses soooooo, much stuff that the shelves are practically bursting. I manage to wade my way through to the hijab section but I have no idea what I’m doing. Do I just need the scarf? Do I need pins? a cap? How do I know which colour to get? Are they all the same size?

I opt for a black sheer hijab with silver embroidery. It’s beautiful and I think it should be relatively versatile. Will have to make sure that I Youtube how to put it on correctly, and fashionably.

I huddle under the shelter of the taxi stand where a local gentleman strikes up a conversation for the next hour about the history of Malaysia until it’s finally my turn to jump in a cab.

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