Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

After multiple attempts at wearing my hijab, I think I’ve figured it out. I pack my bag for the Grand Mosque, in an attempt to use local transport and be as local as possible as I meander through this city.

I catch a bus from a few blocks from the hotel. Learning quickly, that Women sit at the front of the bus separate from Men.

As I wander through the city, I’m stopped by a man from Bangladesh who has taken a fancy to me. It’s moments like these that I genuinely wish that I wasn’t a solo traveller. After finally shaking him from his infatuation, I ditch the public transport for a taxi to the mosque.

Megastructures didn’t prepare me for the sheer beauty of this structure. It’s incredible!

The sense of peace that I feel as I make my way through the mosque is overwhelming and the Muslim people continue to come across as warm and kind. Nothing like the reputation they carry back home.

I’m so taken with the beauty of this building, and I thought it couldn’t get better than the Burj Khalifa! But this is on a whole other level!

After heading back to the Hotel, I decide it’s time for a swim followed by a drink in the onsite bar… which turns into the beginning of a long night of fabulous company and interesting experiences.

Seriously, the Emirates have cast a spell on me!

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