Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was an interesting fall from grace after my love affair with the UAE. I arrive in Colombo at 5am and manage to utilise the public transport system to get to my hostel. I’m exhausted and damp from the rain and humidity. The beds have mosquito nets and I’m about to shack up in a dorm with 3 others.

I spend my first day in Colombo trying to recover from the exhaustion of travel. This is the 4th country on my trip and I’m nearing the halfway point. It’s Christmas in a couple of days , but being constantly on the move is wearing me out a bit.

On the first night I chat with the other travellers and try to make friends. There’s a good mix of countries, cultures and accents here. I’m so grateful that everyone speaks pretty good English.

I meet a Canadian who looks like a Lumberjack. He’s a traveller, full grown beard, looks quite rugged kind of way. And he’s creating a scrapbook for his lady love. He’s collected memories from over the years and tried to show her that they had something good, and now it’s time to settle down and make it something incredible. It’s adorable and a welcome reminder that love is real.

I hear stories about why Iran is such a fascinating place to visit, I curl up on a bean bag with a warm group of travellers and share stories. It’s so nice to be surrounded by so many interesting journeys… The doors are open, it’s raining outside… it’s a beautiful night

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