Colombo – Christmas Day

The next day, I make an effort to get chatting to some of the other travellers over breakfast. I meet an awesome guy from Malaysia and we head into town to check out the sights of Colombo. In the rain… on public transport.

The rain part isn’t so fun, but at times it forces you to find shelter and chat as you take in the surroundings. The architecture is tired in Colombo, but the government buildings are worth a look.

We head to a local cafe for lunch where it seems that the only options are a tray of carbs. Various fried, baked, steamed doughs or a plate of Biryani with a chicken legs on top. And after doing some research on Sri Lankan food, we order a glass of wood apple juice.

Here’s the part where I just feels so white. There’s twigs in my rice. Why…? Why is the egg so overcooked? why does the pineapple taste old? and that wood apple juice…???? NO!!!!

There seems only 1 cure for a rainy day of travel followed by err local cuisine, a stiff drink. And so the night begins…

Back at the hotel, Christmas is in the air. It’s Christmas Eve, a new bunch of people have just arrived and we’re all in the mood to celebrate. A group of a dozen or so went to a local Kotu restarant in the back streets in Colombo 5. The percussive rhythms of the chef just push a button. Lets dance! I connect with the people around me and we head back to the hostel for ‘Chris Cringle’ which turns out to be a fun drinking game!!

After a big night, and a zillion mosquito bites, I’m hungover. Just ill. I haven’t actually thrown up, but I wouldn’t mind. Never drinking this much again!

My new clique of friends are keen to head out for food and I need an ATM so we venture out in the sunshine. We say goodbye to the French guy who is off to meet his girlfriend in Bangkok. And wander past a show selling fireworks. Giant sparklers anyone??

Lunch time… I still feel sick. I’ve been drinking sode water. I’m not ready for food yet. More plates of carbs. Buckets of yellow. It looks like cat sick 😦 I’m never drinking this much again!

But, it’s Christmas Day. We get home before the rain starts again and crack open a bottle of red, dig out some board games, and hang out with the rest of the group.

Christmas dinner is a long table affair using sheets as table clothes and outdoor furniture. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

I feel sorry for the few people who ordered their food late though… the delivery driver was drunk and fell off his bike outside the hostel just after he delivered the first lot. Consequently, didn’t go back to the shop. So… it took a while for them to get their food.

I had to leave around midnight for my flight to Bangkok, but it was great getting to know everyone and share Christmas stories.

Wasn’t a fan of the surroundings, but the people were warm.

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