Next stop, Thailand

By the time I board my flight to Bangkok, I feel like I’ll miss the people I met in Colombo, but it’s unlikely that I’ll miss the place. I’m tired and it seems like the contents of my suitcase is damp with a lingering scent of err a musty kind of damp.

I’m tired and craving the familiar. I arrive in Bangkok and I’m grateful to be checking in early to my hotel, even if it is in the middle of nowhere. I bundle up what feels like everything I own and leave it to be laundered. A fresh clean bed, no mosquitoes and no rain, is this what heaven feels like?

I take some time out to sleep, call home and plan the next leg of my trip. I feel like I need a holiday from my holiday, so book a train ticket to Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. With somewhat of a plan in place, I wander down the road in search of food and my new surroundings resemble nothing of the Bangkok I know. I buy a bottle of coke from a convenience town and the lady asks if I want ice. I agree and she pours the contents of my bottle into a plastic bag with some ice and sticks a straw in it. I’m definitely in Thailand 🙂

I board the night train to Chiang Mai and settle in. A 13 hour train journey is not everyones cup of tea, but I quite like it. The ever changing scenery, endless sunset and countless dreams are the kind of thing that the traveller in my craves when I’m back home being drained by the corporate 9-5. I switch between my book, the scenery and my uni textbook. I’m on my own, but I’m far from lonely. It’s moments like these that give me the chance to reflect on everything I’ve done and am potentially about to do.

As I check into my Eco Retreat, I’m starting to feel sick. Exhausted and sick. Lucky for me, I’ve picked the perfect spot for a little rest and relaxation. I spend the next couple of days wandering the streets of Chiang Mai, making friends, eating great food, and giving myself time to reflect.

As New Years Eve is only 1 sleep away, I think it’s time to go back to Bangkok and start making plans to welcome the new year.

Chiang Mai was everything I needed, a place to relax and feel normal again.

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