Dating abroad

For some, the concept of a solo traveller sounds awfully lonely. Others, the concept of a solo traveller is awfully err promiscuous. For me? it’s not so different from the life I lead at home.

When I’m abroad, I tend to lead a similar life that I could at home if I had a day off work. I wander around, check out a few important buildings, eat good food, and sometimes I met some interesting people. Granted, when I’m at home the people part is filled with people that I already know., and I dont tend to get lost nearly as often. But, it is pretty similar. And the dating life I have at home, somehow follows me abroad.

When I’m travelling, I don’t make plans to meet people. I don’t log into Tinder, OKCupid or any other dating relating app or website, I just go about my normal touristy self and some how find myself meeting people.

Mr Swiss in Hong Kong… wow, this man is still in my day dreams, 2 years later. It was my last night in Hong Kong, and the last night of my first proper solo trip. I thought about getting a good night’s rest before the day of flights ahead, and decided to hit the town instead. Eventually, I got to Lang Kwai Fong and as I walked in I noticed someone looking at me but tried not to take any notice. I had a couple of drinks and danced with various people and then as I wandered away from one of my new found buddies, he approached me. We went outside and got chatting. The chemistry was intense and he was quite handsome. We kissed and it was electric. As we got chatting again, he made a comment that 2 years on still burns the inside of my brain “I’ve never been attracted to a chubby girl before, but there is just something about you”. I didn’t know how to take that comment, I kept quiet at the time and continued the conversation, but this comment really bothered me. He said he was going to the bathroom and when he gets back we should grab another drink… so while he was in the bathroom, I jumped in a cab and left. I wander what happened next…  guess I’ll never know.

Mr Nigeria in Bangkok… I was walking down the road in Sukhumvit, Soi 4 and noticed a handsome African dude… and as I do, I smiled at him. He started talking to me and we ended up going to smoke shisha together. We got to know each other over dinner and shisha, then a man selling roses approached and he bought a bunch and gave them to me. We then moved onto a club where we grabbed a couple of drinks, then danced a little. I made a comment in the taxi about how I prefer to smoke instead of drinking and he mentioned that we could do that if I wanted to. After the club, we went back to his place and smoked as we watched the sun come up from the balcony at his apartment. He came onto me numerous times that night, but I wasnt into it. I told him no a couple of times then on the 3rd time, grabbed my things and was getting ready to leave when he told me that I was right to feel the way that I did, and it would be a shame to end the night like that. So we hung out a little while longer, then we went off in search of a cab so I could get back to me hotel. We kept in touch as friends and hung out together a few more times while I was in Bangkok.

I could honestly write a novel on the number of encounters I’ve had with various men in my travels. Some have been dates that amount to nothing, and some have created memories that I dare not repeat.

The number 1 rule about solo travel is, always keep your wits about you. As long as you follow your instincts, then dating whilst on the road is totally fine and so much fun! Dont assume that solo travel means a lonely time in a foreign land. It is absolutely what you make of it 🙂

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