Karma is a beautiful thing

I’ve been away for a couple of days now. Melbourne was beautiful as always. Historic architecture and trams running through the city centre. The men of Melbourne have awfully fancy suits.

I have an early morning flight the next day to Adelaide to meet up with a traveller friend. It’s his birthday and we have a night booked at the intercontinental. I’m flying Tiger, he orders a lady with a hat. We arrive at the Intercontinental early and manage to check in straight away. The views from our digs on the 24th floor sprawl out to the edge of the ocean.

When I was in Abu Dhabi in December, I decided to grab a drink in the hotel bar. I ordered soft drink and grabbed a magazine. I found myself playing pool and accepting a drink from a local gentleman. We talked for hours about our lives. IHe asks why I’m there and I told him about celebrating my 30th at the top of the Burj Khalifa. He grabs the waitress and tells her to bring me the nicest cake. With a candle on it. Everything about that night still continues to distract me from my day to day life.

After admiring the view in the blustery cold, we went inside for coffee with a floor to ceiling view of the world. We order coffee and accept a storm warning. When I go to collect the coffees, I ask the staff member if we can turn his coffee into something Birthdayish. And he returns with a beautiful sparkly cake with a candle on it. It felt nice to return the karma.

It’s freezing here. The buildings are stunning. I’ve been reminded of so many adventures today.

We have a late checkout tomorrow and there begins my four flight jaunt to Dubai.

Karma is a beautiful thing.

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