Dubai for a day

I had the best sleep last night. After what felt like endless flights and transit stops, I arrived in Dubai around 1am and finally had a good sleep. I feel so refreshed and excited to catch up with one of my traveller friends in this beautiful city that he calls home.

My friend and I head off for lunch at a Lebanese place. I let him order since I don’t really know the menu or the cuisine which works out well. It’s so great to catch up, I forgot what his accent sounds like since we usually communicate via text on whatsapp. After some strong Turkish coffee and fab food, we head off for Shesha.

Sitting in an Arabic coffee shop, smoking shesha, taking in the views and enjoying the air con is a mighty fine way to spend an afternoon. Here we try a plate of mixed sweets (pic). I’m not a big fan of cheese but I have to start enjoying it because it seems to appear regardless of whether the dish is sweet or savoury.

My friend is well aware of my love of buildings, so we take a tour of some of my favourites then visit Wafi Mall which I hadn’t seen before. The mall is so quiet, with no music being pumped through the speakers. There are shops I recognise with Arabic signage, and many that I don’t. I pick up a local Bridal magazine for my bestie back home and I’m so excited to find that the amazing body scrub I bought a few years ago in Bangkok is still in production! I’m not usually big on shopping, but that sweet sweet air con has lured me in. Also, Wafi Mall is a Masonic building and the interior is so intricately decorated.

Next we head off to the beach so that I can drool over the Burj Al Arab. It’s so hot that it’s difficult to actually enjoy our time here. I take some pics then we’re off to Dubai Marina for more Shesha and dinner. On our way to the restaurant, I can’t help but stare at the surrounding structures. This city is incredible and despite the fact that I’m so far from home, I feel relaxed and calm as if I belong here.

Night is starting to fall but the heat and humidity remains. We head off to a shesha shop so that I can stock up on molasses which I can’t get back home. Then we head to a Karak shop (sweet indian tea). It’s a weird concept to me, sitting in the car tooting the horn and someone coming to take our order. The tea is hot, but delicious! We ordered ours with saffron and drove along the waterfront.

I had such an amazing day in fab company, with incredible food, smoke and views. Oh Dubai, every time I come here it’s far too short. But you’re just so expensive that I can never stay long.

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