The opposite of luxury

After an incredible time in Adelaide, it was time to start my journey East which meant 4 consecutive flights on my way to Dubai. Even though I had just spent 2 days in Adelaide living in absolute luxury with fabulous company, this doesn’t mean that I’m a glamours traveller by any stretch of the imagination. The friend I was with has high standards and fab connections, and when we met a couple of years ago in Bangkok he ruined me as a backpacker with his fancy hotels and private bathroom. However, sadly I’m not nearly rich enough to travel like that all the time, so when I was organising my flights to Kuwait I of course took the cheapest option.

Flying Tigerair from Adelaide to Melbourne wasn’t too bad because it’s a relatively short flight. Once I arrived in Melbourne I joined a ridiculously long and slow moving queue to check in for my Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumpur which flew me through the night in an aisle seat with no add ons. I didn’t sleep much, but arrived in Kuala Lumpur in time to watch the sunrise. Thankfully one of the cafes had a charging station so I got comfortable with breakfast and charged my devices. By this point I was feeling pretty tired after such an uncomfortable night of interrupted sleep. But I was happy to be messaging home and smell Asia again.

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur in time to watch the sunrise. I was in KL airport for 5 hours, awaiting my next flight to Guangzhou which ended up being delayed by an hour. This is nerve wracking when you have a connecting flight which only allows for a window of an hour of transit time. Flying into Guangzhou I was surprised by the level of air pollution but also the luscious green fields. I got off the plane at 6:25pm local time and my boarding pass said that boarding was at 6:20pm. So, I made a run for it. As I get to the gate, I find that this flight has been delayed by 2 hours. By this stage, I’m so tired I could cry. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for over 24 hours now, I’ve barely slept and I just wanna go to bed. But! Dubai is calling and I have another 8 hour stretch ahead of me.

The flight from Guangzhou to Dubai ends up being much better than I thought. This was my first time flying with China Southern and I was impressed that I had all the fancy add ons included in my fair. Meals, movies, the works! They even have pretty decent leg room šŸ˜€ Finally, I arrived in Dubai around 1am and I am sooooo ready for bed.

I practice my Arabic with the customs guy who turns out to be quite handsome. As I collect my suitcase off the conveyor belt, a kind gentleman helps me. I head out to the taxi stand where I’m ushered into a taxi with a female driver. Staying in Deira meant that the drive to my hotel was relatively short and for that I am sooo grateful. When a Bangladeshi man knocks on my door armed with a hacksaw I am eternally grateful, because somehow the lock on my suitcase is broken and I reeeeally want to get inside so I can have a shower!

It feels so incredibly good to be back in Dubai. I’m catching up with another traveller friend tomorrow who I met in Bangkok earlier this year. I’m looking forward to having a more local experience in the UAE, and to eat some good food!

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