I wish I could write of adventures based in Manila, but truth be told I did sweet FA during my 2 day jaunt here. I arrived in Manila after a sleepless flight through the night. The flight was delayed and as soon as I leave the airport, I’m approached by taxi drivers wanting to charge me more than 3 times the price of the fare to my condo.

After waiting well over an hour in the metered taxi line, I agree to a ride share with a local woman and head off to my new home. I’m so appreciative to my airbnb host for waiting well over an hour for my arrival, she was worried I got lost 🙂 My cellphone battery died within seconds of me jotting down the address details, and I’m exhausted. But my condo is immaculate and I can’t wait to sleep.

My new home has 6 swimming pools and a sign in the elevator advising guests that there is a reality tv show being filmed here today. I’m stoked to have full cooking facilities and I head to the shop in search of ingredients to make breakfast. I spend the day in and out of sleep and messages home. In the evening I check out the SM Mall of Asia across the road.

I did very little in Manila, but after 7 flights in 8 days, I’m tired… so very tired. Whilst I’m sure there are many great things to see and do here, I needed to feel at home for a couple of days.

Next stop Kuala Lumpur. It’s time to start thinking about home. The Uni work I haven’t done, the job I need to return to, the family I need to see and friends I need to catch up with. Reality… where did you come from?

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