1 more sleep … 

8 hours from now I’ll be on board the first of many flights that will make up my next adventure. I’ve been counting down the sleeps for the last 136 nights. I’ve had nights of total insomnia because my mind couldn’t take a break from the excitement. I’m about to get off this island again and it’s super exciting!

This adventure certainly feels different from the others. Usually at this point I’m almost bursting with emotion… emotion that needs love and attention and time to be explored. Usually I’m running from something. However, this time I’m very grounded. Even the nature of my goodbyes have been different from the past. It seems I have indeed grown older and wiser.

I’m so excited for the people I haven’t met yet. Every journey I take, I meet people along the way. More often than not, these people stay in the back of my mind. Then on a rainy day, they creep their way back to the forefront. These connections make me smile, long after the moment took place. 

I’m equally as excited to be meeting up with traveller friends that I’ve managed to keep in touch with. One of whom I’ve travelled with a few times now. Others Ives kept in touch with via various web based channels. 

When it comes to goodbyes, I feel nothing. Mostly because I’ll only be gone for a month, and really what is a month in the grand scheme of things? I’ve made time to connect with those I care about most, have made a mental gift list for the extra special ones, as for the rest… a simple goodbye shall suffice. 

Meanwhile… as life continues for those around me, I know full well that my life is about to change… again. I know that doing what I’m about to do will mess with my head something chronic. And… I know only to well of the culture shock and mindf%*$ when I return home. But none of this phases me. 

I can’t wait to embark on this new adeventure. An eclectic mix of countries that are both familiar and unfamiliar to me. First stop, Phuket Thailand.

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