Are we there yet…?

I’m currently squished in cattle class, doing my best to block out the piercing wails of a small child a couple of rows ahead of me. It’s a full flight, so sprawling out on an empty row of seats is out of the question. I’m only 3 hours into this 8 hour flight and I’m so restless already. I know, I know… I’m whinging about some serious first world problems here. But who else am I to whinge to? The dude next to me is busy snoring and hogging the arm rest.

Today doesn’t really seem real yet. I’ve spent it’s entirety either on a plane or waiting for a plane. As dull and frustrating as it may seem, I’m curious to know what tomorrow will bring 😊 I have a full day in Phuket to explore and unwind. Its rainy season at the moment so I think I’ll be out of luck as far as working on my tan goes, however I have full confidence that the day will be full of surprises. 

Being off work for a month is a bit of a strange concept, I can’t help but think about my staff and the things they shouldn’t lose sight of while I’m away. But geez… I gotta let it go. I’m sure it won’t take long to forget them once I have a cocktail in my hand, kicking back watching the world go by.

I’ve been very observant of the people around me today. It gets me thinking about being a solo traveller, given that I haven’t seen any other lone travellers yet. It amazes me how easy it is for someone to take their other half for granted. Pety agruments about where to eat, what time to go to the gate,  who should carry which bag… then there are the couples who sit in silence. Both engrossed in technology, oblivious to the person sitting opposite them. There is a sadness in her eyes as she keeps gazing at her man, seeking attention. He’s busy making money so that they can afford this lifestyle… would she accept a lesser lifestyle if it meant she had more time with her man? Who knows.

Then there are the couples who act in a different kind of silence. She fills in his departure card without being asked, he gets her a cup of tea when grabbing a coffee without asking if she wants it. A silent ease between two people that is so balanced and complete. This energy is beautiful.

Relationships obviously go through various stages of interaction, like a tug of war between love and hate with only your heart keeping score. The longer I’ve been single, the more I realise that I won’t settle for an escape from loneliness. I most certainly won’t settle for a spouse who wants to have Pety arguments while on holiday… because he will find himself alone. 

4 1/2 more hours… ugh. 

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