Flight delays…

I’m currently killing time at the Melbourne airport. To be fair, I’m about 4 glasses of wine in and my mind is well beyond wandering. I left New Zealand early this morning and arrived in Melbourne on time, but my connecting flight to Phuket is delayed by 4 hours… but I already had a 5 hour wait in store 😞

So, clearly this creates an opportunity to ger some study done… which to be fair I gave about an hour to. I then observed a married couple who looked beyond miserable, and wrote about them. It certainly got me thinking about the dynamics of relationships and why it isn’t so bad to be single.

I’ve also spent the last hour or so with the same song on repeat. A song that sends my mind to particular moments, shared with particular people. The song is Say by Banky W… if you listen to it, I’m sure that you can quickly figure out what I mean. 

I’m excited to start this trip… but these delays are making time stand still, and not in a good way. So, I’ll continue on with my book and glass of wine. See you soon Phuket!

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