A day in Phuket

I arrived in Phuket after just over 24 hours of flights and airport transits, I was exhausted and looking forward to bed. However, determined to shake off the feelings of frustration  and fatigue I escaped the hotel and went wandering around Phuket Town.

The architecture and pace of this town reminds me a lot of my time in Penang. Mind drifting, I took in the sights and smells of this humble town. I meandered through the museum and admired it’s architecture. After walking up an appetite I relaxed with a delicious meal of stir fried duck and washed it down with a couple of bottles of Tiger.

Grateful for the map that the hotel presented to me, I managed to find the bus station without getting lost and caught a bus to Patong Beach. The journey is about half an hour and comes at the small price of 30 baht ($1.20 nzd). As I wander down walking street towards the beach, I feel like I’m walking through Pattaya 2.0. The beach is beautiful and there are plenty of tourists about hiring jet skis and going parasailing. This is this perfect spot for people watching with another bottle of Tiger in hand.

Day 1 of my holiday and I’m truly relaxed. I’ve forgotten about work and while I shouldn’t be forgetting about Uni… it feels like a distant memory. The sun is setting, daylight falling into the sea as the skies are decorated with ribbons of gold. 

I head towards the bus stop and am easily distracted by the prospect of a massage so stop off for a thai foot massage. Bliss!! Afterwards I learn that buses are done for the day so my only option home is a taxi for a price of 500 baht eek! 

Once ‘home’ it’s time to pack, do some uni work and set the alarm for stupid o’clock. See you tomorrow Bangkok!

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