Second and final night in Bangkok

Waking up to the view from the 66th floor of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is a pretty sweet way to rise. I made my way up to breakfast on the 82nd floor where the views and buffet stretched out for miles. I filled my plate with a selection of brightly coloured fruit that we dont have back home and soaked up the view of skyline as the sun proudly states it’s presence.

As I’m catching up on messages and making a feeble attempt at planning my day, it finally sinks in that I’m flying to Russia tomorrow. So far this trip has been relaxing and uncomplicated, I’ve been surprised with how comfortable and familiar Thailand feels. So much so that I don’t notice any culture shock or really feel like I’m on holiday. I just feel like I’m going about my everyday business in a climate that insists on messing with my hair.

I’ve been here a few times now and have seen all the stunning architecture that this city has to offer, so I don’t have any urge to check out any buildings (usually the first thing on my to do list when in another country). So I venture out in search of shopping and sweet sweet air conditioning. I check out MBK, Siam centre and the Bangkok art and cultural centre. Nothing in the shops really take my fancy so I make the most of being in Thailand and treat myself to a full body massage.

Walking down the street in Silom, now smelling like a coconut loaf, I notice that the weather is only getting hotter so head back to the hotel for a swim. The pool is outdoors on the 20th floor with fabulous city views. Its here that I finally appreciate the weather, go for a swim and sunbathe with a book. 

Determined to buy a new handbag, I venture out to Patpong Market. I’m not used to the crowds or being harassed so I keep my headphones in and only stop when I see something that I genuinely want. I don’t really care much for souvenirs or material things in general and I have a specific bag in mind. I’m a woman on a mission and politely decline offers of ping pong shows, sex shows, ladyboy shows and no I don’t want to buy any baggy pants with elephants on them.

After finding the perfect bag, it’s back home to the hotel. I’ve managed to avoid taxis and tuk tuks completely during my time here in Bangkok. I’m a master of the BTS and skytrain, and haven’t gotten lost once. Not only does this save a lot of money on transport but it’s also incredibly efficient. Catching 3 different trains between my hotel and the market probably sounds inconvenient, but the public transport system here is absolutely on point and is far more convenient than being stuck in Bangkok traffic!

Its now 10pm and I’m back at my hotel. I would have an early night, but I’m yet to see the city lights twinkling under the night sky from the 83rd floor. So I’ll head up there for a drink shortly. 

See you soon Russia!

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