The power of a smile

I was up early this morning to catch a flight to Bangkok. Phuket was lovely but to be fair I only flew into Phuket because Air Asia had a sale price that I couldn’t refuse. Beaches are beautiful, but I think they’re better suited to couples, loved up on the scent of sea air and sand beneath their feet. The chaos of a large city is definitely more my scene.

I make my way through security and notice someone smile at me, naturally I smiled back and thought nothing more about it. As I’m boarding the plane and get to my designated row, I’m amused to see that Mr smiles is sitting next to me. We chatted a little and got to know each other, by the end of the flight he was helping me navigate the cheapest way to get to my hotel (bus, bts and skytrain… inconvenient but so cheap!) And offered advice on the clubbing scene. 

Feeling humbled and grateful for my ability to make new friends so easily, I say good-bye to him at Phaya Thai and carry on my journey to the hotel. I’m staying at Thailand’s tallest building, because… well… I really like buildings Haha. Its too early to check-in so I make my way to the bar to pick up my free welcome. But this ain’t no ordinary bar… it’s at a driving range on the 18th floor! Letting time pass easily as I admire the view and read for a while it’s time to head up to my room… on the 66th floor 😀 the view is incredible! 

Later in the night I head up to the bar on level 83. View is incredible but the scene is definitely not my kind of thing, so after taking plenty of pics and contemplating the world I head off to my favourite spot in Bangkok.

2 train rides later, I’m in Sukhumvit soi 4. There is a restaurant here that serves Arab food, shesha and has nightly shows of belly dancers. Sadly, too much has changed since I was here last. There’s no music, no dancers and more staff than punters. The service was pretty poor and it’s nothing like I remember it to be. 

After enjoying the shesha at least, I head back towards the bts station. Zig zagging through the swarms of ladyboys coupled up with middle aged white men. This scene comes as no shock to me, but my ideas of how this night would turn out were dampened quickly. So rather than heading to the clubs, I went back to the hotel and caught up with a friend on Skype. 

Being a solo traveller is pretty awesome for the most part. But having a wild night out in a foreign country is pretty much off the cards unless Im in good company. Tonight I miss my girls back home who would’ve helped me tear up the night if they were here. 

That aside, it’s still pretty awesome to be watching the city lights of Bangkok from the 66th floor… and to be living a life that provides me the means to travel like this. 

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