Savouring the moment

It’s my last day in Thailand and I’ve arranged a late check-out. Todays plan is to watch the sunrise and take life at a leisurely pace until it’s time to head to the airport. I had plans of catching up on uni work and I even logged into the uni website to watch a lecture… but the next lecture is tomorrow, so instead of catching up on readings I went back to my holiday reading. Oops! The intention was there at least…

I went for a wander after breakfast in search of coffee and a massage. Not surprisingly I got lost in a maze of market stalls and pungent food stands, out the other side I had no idea where I was but there was a coffee shop in sight so it wasn’t all bad. While in the labrynth I purchased a pair of cute slippers and later accidentally left them behind at the coffee shop. I shouldve gone back or felt annoyed but instead I figured that the gods were telling me that there is someone else in that vicinity who needs them more than I do. Maybe I should’ve felt concerned that I was lost with no one around to help… but that feeling never came.

I found somewhere to get a massage and Mani/pedi which was fabulous, however with only 3 1/2 hours until my flight I started to feel the anxiety rise in my chest as the woman filed my nails. I skipped the polish and made a beeline for the skytrain. Once I got to the platform, I smiled at the guy standing next to me. We ended up chatting and sharing music on the train ride to the airport. He helped me find my check in counter and while standing at the back of the mile long check-in queue, I checked in on-line and went straight to the baggage drop which saved me a lot of time and frustration! It also allowed more time with my new friend.

All of 20 minutes later it was time for me to get to immigration. He still had hours to wait for check-in so walked with me as far as he could before we’re swept up in a heart-felt goodbye. What is it with me and airports on this trip? 

Anyhoo… I’m now on-board the plane, awaiting departure. This time tomorrow I’ll be in Russia with one of my traveller friends. See you soon St Petersburg!

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