Incredible dining in Moscow

We took the fast train to Moscow yesterday and checked into our new digs at the Petroff Palace. The place itself is an architectural and historical delight, with it’s castle like structures and tales of Tsar Nicholas II and Napoleon. But the real highlight was dinner at the White Rabbit last night.

We were seated seated next to the window, with a view overlooking one of Stalin’s 7 buildings, the river and the sprawling city of Moscow. The food was absolutely divine and the menu made it so difficult to make a decision on what to try.

I had a smoked duck breast with peach entree, Guineafowl main and an apricot cake soaked in pink champagne for dessert. Paired with a couple of delicious cocktails and shesha, we were in culinary heaven.

It was raining when we arrived which was a little disappointing as I thought it might obstruct our views. However, the storm was the perfect backdrop to this dining experience ce as we watched lighting strike from the warmth of our seats. 

The culinary delights didn’t end there. This morning at the palace we went to breakfast in the restaurant where I started my day with fresh fruit, thick slices of smoked salmon on rye, washed down with champagne. 

Russia has been absolutely full of surprises in so many ways. The food far exceeds my ignorant expectations. We have a week here in Moscow and I plan to make the most of my time here. Bliss!

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