Relaxation in Moscow

While we were in St Petersburg, we absolutely maximised every day spent in St Petersburg. Checking out the various palaces and sites which were beyond words. Even the simplest of sights seemed so magnificent, a constant feast for my eyes and a complete inability to describe the intensity.

Since being in Moscow we’ve stayed in a palace for a night that served champagne with the buffet breakfast! Since then we’ve moved on to the Hilton which is in one of Stalins 7 buildings… also known as Stalin’s 7 sisters. The building itself is incredible, having lounge access is even better! I told the lounge manager yesterday that today is my travel Buddy’s birthday and he surprised us both with a plate of cheesecake with happy birthday written on it. The service and facilities here are fantastic… this travel buddy is the same one who ruined me as a backpacker a few years ago.

Since arriving in moscow, we’ve taken advantage of the lounge access, been to a shotting range where I shot an x callibre crossbow whole my travel buddy was in gun flavoured heaven. We’ve also dined at the 18th most magnificent restaurant in the world and checked out the markets where I bought a couple of pieces of art. 

Moscow for me has been a time to relax. A time to chill and a time to make my travel buddy feel special on his birthday. 

I’m here for a few more days, then it’s on to Oman! 

7 thoughts on “Relaxation in Moscow

    1. Soooo hard to choose! My favourite spot so far was our dinner table at the White Rabbit. Watching the storm roll in, the lightning flash and seeing the lights of the city colour the view in such an illustrious way was incredible. But, I haven’t seen nearly enough of this city just yet. I still have 4 more days here so no doubt my opinion will change once I’ve explored a little more 😊

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      1. I had the same perception of Russians before I left New Zealand, but the reality is quite the opposite. The people here are friendly and will often talk to me, but I don’t understand what they’re saying most of the time. The people are softly spoken, kind and I’m yet to see or hear of anyone being assertive. Children are very well behaved and respectful of adults. Overall I find the people to be very relaxed, helpful and kind 😊

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