International spa experiences

There are a few things I like to do when I’m abroad. 1 is check out architecture, 2 is go to cooking school and the 3rd is to experience the local spa for some kind of beauty/relaxation treatment.

Ive had a facial in Hong Kong that involved lasers and I had absolutely no understanding of what was going on. I’ve had Thai massage where you wear funny clothes and the woman put her foot in my crotch. I’ve had a Cambodia  woman wrap herself around me and crack various parts of my body. Then there was the massage in Vietnam where I lay naked while a woman slipped fresh wet strips of aloe vera all over my body… and today I hung out naked in a cedar barrel for a while before getting a massage Russian style.

The barrel… I thought it would be a barrel full of water that you sit in, but instead it was like a small steam room inside a barrel. First the lady washed my feet in a bowl of water and rose petals, rubbed down my shoulders, then brushed my forehead with 3 types of fragrant oil to help me choose which oil I prefer. Then I got in the barrel and sat there sweating like a pig for a while. The experience was quite amusing and very enjoyable. 

Then it was time for the massage… holy moly this girl is strong! Massage at home is all hands, but this was mostly forearms and elbows. An interesting difference to home is that she pulls your underwear right down, exposing your ass and includes this part of your body in the oil laden strokes. 

I like strong massage and force myself to say nothing even when the pain is almost unbearable. I’m unsure why, it’s like a mental challenge that I must undergo while a stranger is touching my body. Her elbows worked their way deeply up my spine and as I sit here about to Tuck into some delicious chicken liver pate, I can still feel the effects of this womans strength. 

An awesome experience! While in the middle East I will check myself into a hammam to find out what that’s all about. Can’t wait!

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