Meandering through Moscow

Moscow has been all kinds of wonderful so far. There is so much to see and there’s a strong corporate hum through the city that drives the pace of it’s people. Once again, the people here are friendly, well dressed and softly spoken. My travel buddy and I are constantly aware of our loud kiwi/Australian accents and remember to keep our voices down so as not to stand out. Beyond that, we seem to blend in well and don’t stick out as tourists.

This morning we went on a walking tour of the city which focused on red square and the Kremlin areas. This was a free tour and it was an interesting way to see a piece of this city. My travel buddy is a big fan of organised tours, whereas I prefer to wander aimlessly. With this in mind, I’ve ditched him for the afternoon as he takes a tour through the Kremlin and then to some military bunkers. Instead, I’ve been wandering through a shopping mall and am now sitting back with a cup of coffee, watching the locals go about their day.

I feel quite at home in this city, but it still takes me by surprise to see guards and officers carry guns. Yesterday we went to check out the Television tower which is the tallest tower in Europe. As we entered the grounds we were screened by officers with machine guns. There is certainly no shortage of security guards in this city, our hotel alone had 9 of them guarding the lobby! 

Women here are often seen walking reasonable distances in very high heels. You have to understand also that the pavement and roads here are quite uneven and sometimes made of cobblestone. I’ve also noticed a large number of women not wearing bras and as a whole the people here have incredible posture. Business men seem to avoid wearing black suits and are mostly dressed in blue. Russian people have the most incredible blue eyes, so these suits only compliment those eyes even more so… but I doubt thats the reason for wearing blue.

The beauty and pride of these people certainly makes me look at the amount of effort I put into my appearance. Inspired much? Definitely! Will I ditch my jandals in favour of stillettos? Probably not.

Russia has been an incredible experience so far and so different from my initial expectations. But the wanderer in me is ready to go solo again. We only have 3 days left here then I’m off to the middle East alone. Can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “Meandering through Moscow

    1. So true, there are so many things here that I identify as ‘normal’, yet there are just as many things that make me take a second look with a look of confusion. I like that feeling though, it helps me broaden my view of the world and reminds me that there is no right and wrong in this world… only perspective.

      Thank you 😊

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      1. I think second looks are important; they show we’re taking notice! πŸ˜€ Like our walk/drive to work… a practiced route that you don’t even take in. Life is definitely all about perspective, glad your trip is having a positive impact! Looking forward to seeing what else you find!


      2. Definitely 😊 though I must disagree about the route to work. I live a 30 min walk from my office back home and the walk takes me through the botanic gardens which are ever changing with the season, the weather, the light… it seems I have a Gypsy soul and traveller mind-set even when I’m at home.
        Thanks for your comments 😊

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      3. You’re clearly a lot more observant than I am! My route to work disappears on me, and I find myself wondering how I got there… But then I do appreciate when I go off the usual path and discover new things πŸ™‚ Perhaps this is an important reminder for me to take notice of everything around me… Even when I think I’ve seen it all before!


  1. High heels are our signature feature. Some people attribute our love for high heels and make-up to a shortage of men. So, Russian women have to be very competitive to get attention of guys. That’s why we may even run a 5 km maraphon wearing them πŸ™‚


    1. Hahaha running a 5km in heels??? You’re crazy!!! I definitely appreciate how well dressed both the men and women are here. Those blue suits on men are very attractive, and I’m certainly developing a weakness for blue eyes! The women are so much better dressed than the women at home in New Zealand. Its very beautiful to see 😊

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