Oman in a minute

Already it’s my last night in Oman. I got here all of 48 hours ago and I’m leaving in another 12 hours. Not all of my time here has been with rose tinted glasses on. But there is beauty in all that I see, regardless of the dark cloud that follows me.

Yesterday I took a swim in a rooftop swimming pool, a blissful experience in an attempt to escape from the heat. From there I checked into my airbnb home which is a typical Arab home. My room is themed the ‘zanzibar room’ and is decorated from top to tow in animal print. To some this is gaudy and somewhat hideous, but this was actually the reason I booked it haha.

The watchman and maid made me feel very welcome and the driver I had from the hotel to home has become my driver for the length of my trip. Late afternoon I went to Quram beach where I had lunch/breakfast/dinner and took in the view of the beach as the sun blessed the waves with a glistening Golden hue.

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from the flights and lack of sleep since leaving Russia I attempted to have an early night. Instead I was still awake at 3am with my mind churning through its thoughts at a mile a minute.

I woke up late and was a little disappointed that I’d missed my window of opportunity to visit the Sultan Qaboos mosque. However, I smiled when I oppened my bedroom door to find a box of matches on the floor. I’m a smoker and misplaced my lighter. The service station sells cigarettes but doesn’t sell lighters or matches. The watchman at home said he will try to find a fire for me. 

I ventured out to Avenues mall and enjoyed some air conditioned window shopping and picked up a few things. After returning home, I made plans with my driver to visit the al bastan palace in the evening. 

Any other taxi driver would just take you there and back or just drop you there… but this guy took me on a tour of the city and pointed out some important spots. He even took me to his dads farm to visit the camels! He doesn’t use a meter on the taxi and just gives me a price which I don’t bother negotiating because I appreciate that whenever he stopped to get himself a drink, he got one for me too. He also took photos of me and acted as my tour guide for 2 1/2 hours which was awesome.

Now I’m by the beach, smoking Shesha, listening to the athan in the background, eating a beautiful chicken shawerma. I need to pack my bags properly tonight and also need to ditch the bottle of vodka I bought in Russia since Qatar won’t allow alcohol through it’s borders.

Not all moments of travel are all kinds of wonderful, but it really comes down to your perspective as to whether it ruins your experience or not. Its been nice Oman, but I’m really looking forward to moving on. See you tomorrow Doha!

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