From Doha to Dubai

My time in Doha is up already ๐Ÿ˜ž after my rubbish time in Oman, I’ve really enjoyed getting back into my solo traveller groove while checking out another Middle Eastern country.

Doha is expensive, but for the architectural nerd within me it was well worth it. The modern skyscrapers are stunning and eccentric. The contemporary structures that house various museums are like art unto themselves. To be fair, I was staying in the rich white people part of town which has no doubt skewed my perspective but I have absolutely no regrets (I was probably the poorest one there but they don’t need to know that haha). 

This morning I went to Katara village to check-out the historical architecture of Qatar. The village was a bit confusing to navigate because a lot of it is still being built. But there is a beautiful mosque, adorned with colourful mosaics. There’s a huge amphitheatre,  a couple of galleries and the beach is right next door. It was a great place to wander, but by the end of it I was dripping with sweat in the 38 degree heat and direct sunlight.

Once I got back ‘home’ I checked in with a couple of important people back home. It was great to hear their voices and it filled me with an extensive surge of happiness and warmth.

I’m now at the Doha airport, waiting to board my flight to Dubai. I’ve got a couple of days in Dubai where I’ll be on a super strict budget. From there I’m off to Kuala Lumpur where I’ll reconnect with my travel buddy who couldn’t handle the thought of spending his 2 weeks annual leave in Sydney after all the incredible experiences we had in Russia. So he booked some last minute flights and I have every intention of spending my last couple of days in luxury before I head back to the grind and wintery weather of home.

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