Winding down in Dubai

I’m leaving Dubai tonight around midnight, bound for Kuala Lumpur. My short time here in Dubai has been incredibly unproductive but on the plus side I’ve actually made it out of my room today.

I’ve got about 6 hours to kill while my luggage is stored at the hotel and I’m officially a nomad. So, I took that as an opportunity to go shopping. My bags are already bursting at the seams, but shopping back home is incredibly limiting. I’m on a tight budget… however window shopping is an experience unto itself as I look at the Middle Eastern version of the things back home. 

I have mixed feelings about going home. Firstly, I’ll be in Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days before heading back to NZ and I’ll be meeting up with my travel buddy who I experienced Russia with… so it’s not completely over yet. But I can’t help but think about life back home.

Travel is my therapy in so many ways and this trip has taught me many valuable lessons about the way I’ve been conducting my life over the past 12 months. I have a strong desire to pull back from certain people whose influence on me is not at all beneficial to my over-all goals. I also have a strong desire to implement a cash based budget and clear out habits of poor food choices and excessive alcohol on a Friday night. 

This trip has reinforced my loose plans of taking 3 months off work next year to explore Europe. Russia has opened my eyes to a part of the world that I’m hungry to see. I’ve had enough of the middle East and the rest of Asia can wait. But Europe… I need to see more of you!

From this point, I work backwards in terms of goals. How much do I want to save? What do I want to achieve in terms of weight loss and fitness? Will I take my studies with me? Do I just stay in the same house until then or find a cheaper alternative? Do I want to stay in the same job until then? What are the things I need/want to do before I embark on that adventure?

I’m nervous about returning home. Every time I come back from time abroad, I feel like my city has gotten smaller and the minds of it’s people more stagnant than before I left. I find it hard to relate, hard to date, hard to find comfort in the things I enjoyed before I left. Travel changes you, usually for the better. But it’s hard to see that change while you’re in the midst of it. 

I’m sitting in a mall, sipping coffee that tastes like liquid burnt toast. 80 dirhams poorer after purchasing a top and skirt which were too cute to ignore and they were on sale so totally justified. 

Who knows what the next few weeks will hold once I return home. But what I do know is that I need to be reliant on myself for my happiness, I can’t expect others, my study or my work to be responsible for it. I also know that I will have a truck load of washing to do in the very near future. 

2 thoughts on “Winding down in Dubai

  1. Sounds like your time away has been invaluable in finding yourself; I’m always envious of that from the people I know who do travel. I think the struggle is making sure you keep on it when you’re back, not allowing yourself to slip back into the monotony of every day life. As long as you maintain your values and reflect back on your time, it sounds like you’ll get there. You already have a bunch of stuff you want to change and make a priority, keep it up and it wont be so bad 🙂


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