Then why do you travel so much…?

I was chatting with an overseas friend early tonight and sharing pics from my summer holiday down in the South Island. He’s never been to New Zealand and doesn’t know too much about it, other than what I’ve mentioned to him in the past and what Google has to offer. After seeing a few pics he was saying how magical it looks. Then made a comment ‘then why do you travel so much? I don’t think there are.many places more beautiful than this’.

When you’re from such a beautiful country, that’s made up on a series of islands off the coast of nowhere… It’s easy to have the mindset that everywhere is like this. If you don’t know any better and haven’t experienced life off the island, it’s hard to imagine that what you see on tv or in other forms of media as ‘real’. This mindset is quaint, but very common.

If the only life you know involves waking up in paradise, how do you know that it’s really paradise? We become complacent and fail to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Trading images of silvery lakes that glisten under clouded skies, for a description of a glorified grey puddle. I never wanted to live like that.

I wanted to gain perspective. I wanted to see the variegated tapestry that makes up our natural world, in order to appreciate my own. I wanted to understand hardship in order to understand what wealth really felt like. In the same way that sometimes we need to experience heartbreak in order to truly learn what it feels like to love.

I have the eye of a traveller. Even at home I see what others fail to notice. It’s so easy to be caught up in the daily grind that we don’t notice the delicate hues of a setting sun, the scent of early morning spring, the sound of a bird calling for its mate. I wanted to gain a perspective that helps me take notice of the moments that others pass up. 

72 more sleeps until my next adventure… where I’ll be contemplating hexcodes and sunrises in Bagan. 

Why do I travel? Because I want to break the mould that island life has set for me and share this perspective with those who aren’t able to do the same.

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