With the intensity of a thousand sunsets…

On my last overseas adventure, I wondered whether I was capable of being in a relationship again. My past experiences still haunting me, I used that trip as a kind of therapy to prepare myself for moving on in love. Not surprisingly, the answer to that question was a resounding yes and I fell for someone, and fell hard.

A week ago we gave up on each other and our relationship. For the better no doubt, but the return to singledom has been an interesting time of recalibration and contemplation. It’s easy to lose sight of yourself and your goals when you meet someone New. Unfortunately for me, I’d done exactly that. I lost myself. I lost the piece of me that genuinely loved my life, and replaced it with every memory that had broken me in terms of love.

Whilst that sounds all very miserable… The reality is that with every sun set, the sun will rise again. I will rise again with the intensity of a thousand sunsets. I am the girl who goes to Kuwait alone, only to see how the Burj Al Hamra wraps around itself. The girl in full Abaya, meandering through a mosque… living life in a land that I struggle to make sense of. I am the girl in a new dress, whose eyes sparkle with mischief and wonder. I do not deserve to live life with eyes that resemble two portals of sadness. I am worth more than that.

Solo travel fills your heart with experience and depth. A kind of depth that others will struggle to make sense of. That doesn’t mean you should morph into less of yourself in order to fit in… 

Birds of a feather flock together they say… but my dear, what if I’m an eagle?

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