Everything that shines…

Life will throw you a variegated myriad of challenges and options. All of which have their pleasures and perceived pain. When you’ve experienced enough challenges to pave an obstacle course for a large army… you learn equally the value of change and transition. You start to look beyond the negative, and place value in everything that shines.

64 sleeps until my next adventure. 2017 goal of a new job, salary and title are now complete. It’s so easy to be caught up in the situations that haunt you… but my God, how beautiful is my soul.

I travel to experience life from another perspective. But, ‘Girl… you gotta get your f$&#ing mind right’. Life at home has potential to show you just as many perspectives and experiences. It’s all what you make of it.

64 more sleeps… come at me travel buddy, sunrises in Bagan, sunsets in Brunei, impeccably designed Lofts in Singapore. I will never get every aspect of life in perfect balance… and actually, this is not my desire.

My desire is to be whole and true to the people that matter, in the moments that matter. 

Bring on the next adventure!

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