When you leave…

Before I started travelling, my Boss at the time said…  ‘Do it, your travels become these memories that come up at random for the rest of your life. They keep you warm when the skies are grey…’ Just before my last trip, when I was telling my Dad about my desires to see more of the Middle East, his advice to me was very simple.  ‘Do it… one day you’ll be in a rocking chair wishing that you had.’ To this day, my travels are something in my life that I have absolutely no regrets about. 
When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go.
Perhaps I’m someone who is full of nostalgia. Perhaps I’m someone who is living in the past. Or perhaps I’m someone who has experienced so many things that my mind has so many variables to choose from when calculating points of reference each day. Let me dream. 

I’m away for work at the moment which means that my traveller soul gets fed for a couple of days. I look out at the Hotel pool and I’m immediately reminded of how amazing the pool was at one of the Palaces I stayed at in Russia last year. The food, the saunas, the Azerbaijani guests… The realisation that I’d never met someone from Azerbaijan before that moment. The realisation once I got home that most people here on the island aren’t aware that Azerbaijan is a country, let alone where it is.

A traveller soul finds hardship in the mundane routines of ‘normal’ life. The constant influx of foreign sights, smells and sounds, gets replaced by a series of familiar processes and order. The chaos of being alone in a new city abroad, becomes a memory that few can relate to. The desire to be forever challenged and exposed to new experiences, is a desire that is left unfulfilled.

I struggle to stay in my home city for more than a month without leaving. Some find this strange and wonder why I can’t sit still. Does it really matter that I have the soul of a wanderer? Not to me.

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