New adventures await…!

Now that the broken relationship, old job and certain ‘friends’ have been safely left in the past, it is time to look forward to a new job, new memories and most importantly new adventures!

My next trip will be a humbling one. The last few trips I’ve done have been laced with luxury and wonder on a grand scale. Sprawling palaces in Russia and opulence throughout the Middle East has moulded my mind into a skewed view of how the rest of the world lives. This time I will be leaving luxury for the rich and trading heels for jandals in Myanmar and Brunei.

I’ve dreamed of Myanmar for about 4 years now. I dream of the sun rising in Bagan, the mist blanketing the pagoda and rolling hills. Eating street food and drinking local beer late into the night with friends I’m yet to meet. Taking in the scenery from a cramped train cabin, as we clamber along the old and rickety railway lines.

Brunei is home to particular buildings that I’ve longed to see. I’m curious to understand the culture there. This is a country I know little about and I’ll be doing minimal research before I go so as not to taint my perception. I want to experience these places from my own point of view, not to be biased by the experiences of others.

There is a feeling of grounding that comes from visiting countries that offer less than your own. This experience is not to fill your mind with thoughts that exclaim greatness and ignorance for your motherland, but instead to give yourself a layer of perspective and understanding that success, happiness and hope can mean very different things.

I travel to see buildings, I travel to see colours, but more than that I travel to fuel my mind. To challenge the perspective that social conditioning has moulded me with. 

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