The magic of early morning

​Each part of the day has something different to offer, and have the power of something magical if experienced in a beautiful place. The season is changing here in New Zealand and the leaves are changing hue. The early mornings are a great wayday to see that at this time of year.

I remember being in Kuwait on my first day. I’d only just managed to exchange a couple of words with the taxi driver. The visa officer couldn’t find New Zealand on his list and all the information written on my visa is written from right to left. Given how hot it was, I figured I’d get up early and explore the sights before the heat set in. 

I was staying on the 62nd floor with floor to ceiling windows. You can smoke inside and I can hear the athan bellowing across the city. The views seem so monochromatic. The size of the sun is incredible.

I slept with the curtains open and woke with the first sound of the athan. It’s haunting wails wake me in time for the sun rise. Shades of Orange and brick red, burnt husks of familiarity, rising from an unfamiliar sea.

I left the hotel at 7am and it was already 48 degrees. There’s traffic, wild heat and sand. So much sand. I learned that morning that it’s a far better option to avoid the heat late into the evening. 

I remembered this point while I was in Oman and Qatar last year. The evenings are long and mild. Enjoy the summer evenings with no concern for wind, rain or temperature.

Mornings feel magical when they’re experienced in a beautiful place.

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