Moving on…

Like the year itself, I feel l like my life passes through seasons of its own. Each period of time measured by the distance between 2 overseas trips. The season that began on my return from Russia, Oman and Qatar will transition into the next when I take this next trip to Myanmar and Brunei. The questions, desires, goals and perspective that travelled with me on my return from my last trip, have now been answered, achieved or evolved into something more fulfilling. It’s time to move on.

The end of a relationship can bring all kinds of sadness, anger and a level of mindfulness that didn’t exist when the relationship began. While time heals all wounds, over analysis can bring perspective and unnecessary hurt. I am grateful for the lessons and memories shared with this person, but I am more grateful to be single again. My soul, my mind and my wings feel free. I have no regret, only nostalgia.

The end of a job that helped rebuild my career. I’ve spent the last 2 years working in a challenging role that is now at a point of maturity. I used this job as a means to rebuild confidence in achieving the career that I dream of. The moment I set my mind to moving on, to the next challenge and salary band. Was the moment I achieved this next step. Learning to not get in your own way is an important lesson that served itself to me on a silver platter in that moment.

The end of Summer School at uni brought freedom to my mind. I’m halfway through my degree and do this part time at the end of a long day at work. I’ve reached burn out and it’s time to take a semester for myself and focus on my lifestyle and new job. I’m so proud of my achievements so far at Uni, but my goodness I am drained. I am mentally exhausted and burnt out. Sometimes its more important to take stock of your life and re calibrate, than it is to keep maintaining a speed that isn’t realistic right now.

There is no end to my travelling soul. A relationship ends, there will be another one at some point. A job ends, I’ve secured a better one in its place. A semester at Uni ends, give me a break and it will recommence a few months from now. But my traveller soul never stops dreaming, remembering and planning the next adventure I create for myself. This is a part of me that can never be hidden or stifled. It makes up so much of who I am and I’m genuinely proud of that.

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea… but the one for me probably drinks coffee anyway.


One thought on “Moving on…

  1. Such a lovely blog to read. I feel the same about travelling, I just haven’t fully got out there and done it yet, I don’t know what’s holding me back! Some of the places I’ve been I’ve wrote a blog on if you’d like to check them out. Anyway, great blog!


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