Listen with your heart, speak with your soul…

I went wandering through the Bush today in an attempt to clear my mind and get back to nature. Living alone means that, if I’m not at work, I can easily go a reasonable portion of the day without speaking to anyone. Yesterday I found this concept to be peaceful and freeing. But, today I found it to be a little lonely and needed to get out of the house.

After running my Sunday morning errands and catching up with a couple of old friends, I went to a wildlife reserve that has beautiful native Bush and wildlife. On my jaunt up the steep Valley track I got chatting to someone, which turned into a 2 hour chat and wander. The only reason we stopped is that park closes at 5 and time was flying by.

It got me thinking about the friends I’ve made overseas. The handsome Swiss guy I met in Hong Kong whose name escapes me, yet his memory still makes me smile 5 years later. The guy with an accent that made me feel at home after leaving my country with a 1 way ticket to south east Asia, who has become my travel buddy and we still travel together 4 years later…

The female friends who compare what it means to be a woman in their country compared with mine. The male friends who are genuine… but then there are those who have a hidden agenda.

I’m so grateful for the social skills that being a solo traveller has instilled in me. The heightened instincts that let me know if I am safe or not. Meeting new people in an environment like today is a daily and normal occurrence when I’m overseas. But it took me by surprise today… and I’m really glad it did 🙂

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