I wish I could share the night sky…

If I had one wish and one wish only, it would be to share the night skies from home with the rest of the world. Island life may be frustrating at times, but my goodness the stars have a way of leading me home.

Insomnia, my dear old friend we meet again. My mind is caught up in a web of weirdness and I can’t sleep, so I’ve retreated to the living room where I have a huge window. From here I can look out across the valley or up at the night sky. The air is still and the skies are clear. It’s so easy to think that everyone sees what I see for we’re all under the same skies, but I know it’s not true. For everything that New Zealand lacks, it makes up for in natural beauty and clarity.

Sometimes I feel like the stars have answers and wisdom. I’m caught up in a thought about how amazing it is that some people who I barely keep in contact with can recall in vivid detail things I’ve said, done or the way I looked in a particular moment. Yet to others I’m perhaps a vague memory of a mere acquaintance… Even though the reason for creating these memories in the first place are pretty much the same. 

I think the wise counsel of the solar system are telling me that sleep is far more valuable than thoughts about things outside of my control. That I will forever be somebody’s daydream, and somebody else’s forgotten moment. This is life. Accept it.

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