Contemplation of colour…

It’s no secret that I’m often distracted by colours, mesmerized by their inherent complexity and stately simplicity. While in the office the other day I was reminded of this when I questioned why the people sitting in my area adhered to such a monochromatic dress code. Apparently no one had really noticed, yet it was one of the first things I observed when I walked in. 

Earlier today I went wandering through the wildlife reserve in search of solitude and place amid the trees to read. I took my time pondering the geckos whose backs are lined with the brightness of an evergreen, decorated with small white markings. This evening while pondering the night sky, I noticed that the street lamp across the road illuminates the exact shade of green belonging to the gecko as it illuminates the evergreen trees below. 

A couple of years ago I was in Cairns with my travel buddy. Our hotel room was fit for a queen and had a sprawling balcony with ocean views. My gaze forever lost on the horizon as the light from day through night, both muted and celebrated the iridescent hues of the ocean. At the breakfast buffet I was confused by the nespresso machine. There was a variety of capsules to choose from, naturally I chose one based on the fact that the colour of its shell closely resembled the colour of the ocean that morning. My friend was confused that I hadn’t chosen based on its grading system. 

The colour palette of my mind boasts a broad complexity that I struggle to express. Every hue has the ability to connect a resemblance to memories of home and away. How is it that the brickish red of my singlet reminds me of the sun sitting low in middle eastern skies. A large brick coloured ball, slumping behind the sand dunes, finding slumber for the night.

It’s 2am and I’m rambling… sleep seems like more of a suggestion than a requirement these days. My heart is lost and still slightly wounded. My mind is wandering through the depths of illustrious canyons. 

If love were a colour, it would be like the sea. You say the ocean is blue or green, but it’s reliant on so many other factors. Inky black seas sprawling out under under a midnight sky is just as enthralling as the bright azure blues that reflect the warmth of a summers day.

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