Work… leisure… always a traveller

I spent the day today in a small North Island ‘City’ called Tauranga. The airstrip is set amid a golf course and there are only 2 gates at the airport. I have work related duties to deal with so I’m up here for the day when I realise that the person who books my travel, has booked my return for March instead of April. As a result, I now have 2 flights home instead of 1 and I’ll be home.After 930pm instead of 6pm. Frustrating, yes. A big deal, not really.

Whether it be for work or leisure, I travel. Truth be told, I wouldn’t accept a job that didn’t involve some level of travel. My new role will have me visiting a couple of other smaller NZ cities, but that sure beats sitting still!

Airports are interesting places. The hugs, the tears, the complacency… The stress of impending schedules, the over organisation of the mother hen of a travel group, the laid back distant gaze of a fellow business traveller… 

I should be annoyed right now. My evening is wasted and my plans for an early night have gone out the window. But in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? No. 

Whilst travelling for leisure, my bookings are faultless. But the delays of aircrafts are not. I’ve spent many of hours in various airports around the world, sitting on the floor, sprawled out across an empty row of sleep in the hope of a few moments sleep. Certainly not in business attire though I suppose…

I’m rambling… I’m bored… I’m almost homeward bound. Meanwhile I was able to enjoy more of the mid flight views of this island land I call home.

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