The person… or his people

Now that I’m single again, I’ve been thinking about the stance I have on not dating within my own culture. I’ve exclusively dated non kiwis for maybe 5 or so years now, and when it’s time to end it and move on it gets me thinking about whether I would date someone else from the same culture. Is it just that particular man that it’s not going to work out with, or will it be any man from that culture because our perspectives and values are too wildly different.

Obviously it’s unfair to make assumptions and generalisation about an entire culture based on memories I shared with one person. But there are always characteristics that are defined by our culture. I am so incredibly turned off by my ex’s… is it enough to turn me off a nation? Possibly.

Having said that though, these experiences are making me learn to love my own people again. Kiwi guys actually aren’t half bad. But maybe what I’m looking for in a potential partner has changed over the years. And maybe now I’m at a point where what I’m looking for in someone is something that resembles home. 

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