21 more sleeps…!

2017 has brought so much challenging, yet positive change to my life so far and I can’t want to experience even more of that on my next trip to Myanmar and Brunei. My visas, flights and accommodation are all sorted, time to start the countdown!

I’m really excited to find out that Yangon has a few roof top bars to check out. One of my favourite things to do when I’m in a new city is to check out the views with a drink in my hand and Yangon will be no exception. With views that capture the glow of the golden pagoda at night, I’m really looking forward to checking out some of the night life.

I’ve enquired with a couple of cooking schools in Myanmar so that I can organise a class in advance. I’ve been to cooking school in almost every country I’ve been to and I love being able to recreate the dishes I’ve learned for friends and family back home. The scent and taste of these dishes always send my mind back on holiday, to the people I met in the class and the moments shared across the dining table afterwards. I love experiencing new countries and cultures through their markets and culinary offerings.

I’m still mapping out my Myanmar journey, but the Brunei leg is pretty much set. I’m planning to spend a night off the coast on an island called Labuan which is home to a really weird looking Mosque. Brunei looks to have some amazing gardens and nature reserves, so I imagine that this part of my journey will be more about getting back to my traveller roots than it will be about the nightlife. 

I can’t wait to meet the not yet familiar faces that will file themselves away in my memory long after I return home. For the lessons I’m yet to learn, and for the experiences I’m yet to even dream of. 

Bring on the next adventure!

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