I’ve spent the day out of town for work. Heavy fog meant our flight couldn’t land and landed in a town about 2 hours drive from our original destination. Early morning flight, 2 hour road trip with my boss, a day with staff who I’m meeting for the first time and a delayed flight has meant that my usual cheerful self if exhausted and I look it.

I’m currently mid flight, wings outstretched above the Pacific ocean. Trying to read a book with tired weary eyes and finding myself out of focus and rereading the same paragraph over and over. 

Then a song comes through my headphones like a nostalgic blessing. Aptly named ‘Don’t run’ (I am forever running from or to something) I am caught in a daydream. The brightest smile spread across my face as my tired eyes sparkle with mischief and memories.

I remember listening to this song a lot when I went to the UAE for the first time. It was my 30th birthday and I wanted to celebrate at the top of the tallest building in the world. Walking down the street with the appearance of self assured confidence, I was so innocent and overwhelmed. The world the UAE showed me is one I’d never even dreamed of. Before that moment I couldn’t imagine a land with so much sand and such harsh heat. Since when was the sun so huge?

I hear it a lot but often ignore it… ‘you are so brave’. Today as my eyelids grow heavy and the sun begins to set, I am nostalgic for places I’ve been, the people I’ve met and the sites I’ve seen. 

I am so proud of person I’ve become through these experiences. Long may I be a wild wanderer. Balancing a strong career with exotic escapes to the places that others fail to consider.

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