Architectural bliss in the deep south

I’m out of town for work at the moment in a small city called Dunedin. I once called this city home a number of years ago when I first moved out of my family home and embarked on adulthood on my own. Dunedin is a beautiful city, full of grand old structures and vibrant young students. It’s here that my love affair with architecture started out as a fling… 

Travelling back to your roots brings up a myriad of memories that had long since been forgotten. The crisp cool air of the deep south, chills the roots of the trees and makes for a dramatic display of the seasons. It’s Autumn here and the leaves are a kaleidoscope of burnt ochre hues. The branches breaking free from the bright weight of summer, and prepare the soul for winter.

I spent the day in a meeting room with various members of importance. Did they notice how perfectly the steeple of First Church was framed by the Windows of our room? Did they see the way the steeple pierced through the open skies and stood proudly amid the less than noteworthy office blocks that surround it? Unlikely.

Working in Analytics has moulded me into an analyst of my surroundings and it’s people. My current state of contentment is derived from the eclectic mix of architecture that adorns the view from my hotel room. The sun is calling it a day… leaning back against the skyline, in the same manner that I slump into this chair at the end of a long day. 

2 weeks from now, I’ll be in Sydney with a friend. A night of comfort before my next adventure truly begins. 

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