Feeling stuck…

It’s 6:30am and I’m at the Airport in Dunedin. Last night’s flight was cancelled which bought me another night of comfort in huge King sized bed with thick fluffy pillows. Mostly unphased by the disruptions, I had a lovely impromptu evening of reading and took pleasure in the lack of responsibility I have back home.

This morning I’m less than impressed by the sounding of my alarm at 5am as I scramble to pack and make my way out to the airport. The fog hasn’t lifted. In fact, it’s spread. More flights are grounded, more grumpy displaced passengers slurp their coffee and discuss the level of inconvenience the weather has caused. 

I’d like to go back to bed. Back to the fluffy pillows and tucked in sheets. Back to a room with no one else in it. I have multiple flights coming up in the next month between my next adventure and work responsibilities. The disruptions aren’t ideal but it’s not worth joining the chorus of disgruntlement that is currently in full swing behind me. 

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