Flight delays…

I’m out of town for work and should have reached home a few hours ago. But Wellington has been wearing a cape of fog wrapped tightly around its mountainous shoulders all day which has lasted long into the night. As a result, flights in and out have been cancelled. 

Lucky for me, I’m travelling for work and not leisure. So I don’t need to worry about staying in an airport overnight, camped out with my bag as a pillow and hoodie as a blanket. I am safe and warm, and I will get home eventually 🙂

I’ve experienced many flight delays overseas. Hours of sitting on the floor of dirty well trodden carpet, waiting for an update that isn’t necessarily in English. Conversations formed through the shared inconvenience of the situation. Frustration and restlessness needn’t rely on language or culture, you can read it on people without words or questions of why.

I’m hopeful that the fog lifts overnight, if not I guess I can sleep in and work another day here in Dunedin. Living a life that lacks responsibility beyond my work has its perks. 

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