Pre trip contemplations…

I’m currently mid flight, on my way home a from a days work in Auckland. This time next week I’ll be en route to Singapore, on the eve of my next adventure. Last night a met up with a friend whose presence feeds my soul. He’s not kiwi and actively travels abroad for work, mid conversation he said ‘this kind of conversation is almost normal overseas but I never expected it here in NZ’. He too has become accustomed to the short sighted, yet humbled views of my peers. This moment reminded me of the myriad of moments I’ve shared with people overseas that could never for a second be replicated here.

Out the window I see a flickering light, perhaps another plane, perhaps the first star tonight. In preparation for my next trip I’ve thought a lot about what it is that I want to understand or achieve. Last time I wanted to know if I was capable of love again. Whilst the proof of that answer resulted in another dead end relationship, I learned so much that I clarified every doubt I had on the topic. 

This time I want to just be. To be open to my surroundings. To be open to the thoughts and opinions of others. To be a traveller who walks without destination or purpose. To absorb and understand normalcy in another land. To walk without judgement or fear. 

I want to move away from my rigid ways and reinforce what it means to be truly free. I will wander and roam wherever the wind blows. I will just be. And that is enough for me. 

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