A soft place to land

I’m currently en route to Singapore after a night at a friend’s in Sydney. A journey into the unknown whilst on your own can be all kinds of intense and somewhat daunting. But when you have friends like mine, I embark on these adventures feeling supported, encouraged and well rested.

I smoked a lot last night, so much that I passed out into a deep slumber. Possibly resembling a hibernating bear. I left work with my suitcase, boarded a flight to Sydney and kicked my holiday off with a couple of glasses of wine on board the Qantas flight. By the time I reached Sydney, I felt like I was still winding down from my working day. Seeing a familiar face andis hanging out at ‘home’ made it feel like just another ordinary day.

I’m as stretched out as I can be in Economy, en route to Singapore. My butt is numb, I’ve wasted far too much $$ on WiFi to amuse myself and I’m surrounded by screaming infants. Problem? Nah. I’ve got headphones and WiFi. We’ll arrive soon enough.

This morning I woke up at normal kiwi time, did some yoga and went in search of coffee. I did everything that I would if I had a day off, starting my trip off with some level of normalcy helps calm any nerves. I am surprisingly calm, though the free samples of duty free whiskey may have something to do with that.

I have all of about 12 hours in Singapore and I plan to spend a few of those checking out the food and nightlife. Singapore was my first taste of Asia when I first became a traveller. I’ve been back once since then, but never for more than a lingering wink.

I’m rambling… I’m bored… I’m curious to see what the next 2 weeks have to offer 😀

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