Contemplation in KL

I’m currently in KL enjoying the familiar sights and smells of south east Asia, reminiscing about the last time I was here and the handful of times that came before it. I’ve checked in to my hotel, it’s raining outside and so for now I’ve found a comfy writing spot in the empty bathtub that has views of fellow skyscrapers and cityscape.

Last night in Singapore was quiet and subdued. The city seemed to be asleep at the modest hour of 10pm. No doubt that was just the part of town I was in, but it was odd all the same. I remember Singapore with a pace similar to KL and Bangkok, traffic at all hours and cuddling foot traffic comprised mostly of business people and construction workers. This time it was so quiet and still that I could hear birds twittering and tweeting.

It got me thinking about globalisation and the pull of cities such as Dubai and the magnetic effect they have on Labour markets and business hubs. Singapore is still a central business hub for many western companies who need/want a presence in the Asian market, but as KL continues to grow and mature, what does that mean for Singapore? As trade and business turns to Dubai and Doha as their gateway to the East, what does that do to the economies here? I don’t really know the answer to this, but I’m curious to find out.

It looked like a full moon in Singapore last night. It’s sad that the stars go unseen due to clouds of mist that dampen the night sky. The moon hung proudly in the sky, but her usual formidable stance was shrouded by the haze. The skies are grey here in KL but the familiar smells of Asia make me smile. 

Tomorrow I’m headed to Brunei, for the first time. So far this trip has been to very familiar cities and it amazes me how normal it feels for me to be what feels like light years from home, yet I feel like this is totally normal. I can only imagine what the next few days will bring.

Once again I’m rambling… It’s been a slow start to this trip, but I’m ready for it begin 😀

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